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The best of everything on earth survives, like a field mouse that blends in with the color of the meadow/field. Theses mice will live longer compared to a white mouse in the grass. This is Charles Darwin theory of Natural Selection. Now this theory states that natural selection is the process by which biological traits become more or less common in a species due to the consistent effects upon the survival reproduction of the bearers. This theory will affects all mammals that have been through different changes in ecological niches and "survival of the fittest". With theses examples will provide why Charles Darwin's theory is correct.

Charles Darwin Survival Game
This website tell people about Charles Darwin and his theory of natural Selection but also has an interactive game to where you can play to see if you can live to a million years! If you play the game it will give you three choices to help your species thrive and survive. The game provides two life savers to help you change to help better your survival chances but be careful not to use them all! After the game you can even take a quiz to see how much you know about natural selection.

Emma & Jordan
Looking at Emma's and Derek's page, the evidence from their first graph showing that natural selection is the gateway to evolution which helps by having adaptive traits and changing with the environment proves that natural selection is the passing of goo quality genes.
Eun Bi & Derek
Looking at Eun Bi's and Derek's page, it shows how evolution has happened over the years and how animals such as whales has vestigial parts that they do not use anymore but still have because of their ancestry. Also following with similar ancestry, the picture of embryos from different animals shows that through genetic variation, adaption, and mutation shows and proves that Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection is correct since the better gene in each of the animals help keep their survival rate alive and change over the centuries.
external image ESCI329NATSEL002.gif

The evidence of the picture above shows that the original species of the finch had a small beak where it only was able to eat insects and nectar. As centuries pasted the finch's beak started to curve downward making the advantage for the bird to tears bark from trees. However, current finches are nectar feeders who look closely to a iiwi and that their beaks are long and curved downward suggest that Darwin's theory of natural selection made the finches advantage being able to get nectar from bark and and flowers.

external image sharks.jpg

The evidence that the sharks in the picture above shows the evolution of the shark starting with the current great right back to the Megalodon suggest that over time the food source started to become too small for the Megalodon to be able to stay satisfied so as natural selection happened the shark grew smaller due to the environment around them helping the shark stay dominant in the sea and being able to catch prey.

There is a community of Green and Yellow mice. The green mice are slower runners however reproduce faster whereas the yellow mice are fast runners but are slower when it comes to reproduction.The worlds fastest animal came along but the fast animals were able to outrun them and survive while the slower runners got wiped out. In the end, the Yellow mice survived longer and continued to pass down the strong genes.

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Reasoning Paragraph:
Darwin's theory of evolution is correct because he provides plenty of evidence supporting his claim that every living creature goes through natural selection and changes over time due to niches, survival of the fittest, and genetic variation. Natural selection is related to survival of the fittest. Organisms that can adapt to a change, or has the strongest gene would survive compared to its counterpart. Animals with the stronger gene survives longer, and passes down the strong gene to future generations giving them the advantage of living longer and keeping the better gene alive. Natural selection is a gateway to evolution ; without natural selection, evolution would not exist. Genetic variation is very important because if every organism was the same, geographic isolation would occur. That is a problem because is something bad were to happen, everything would either be wiped out or the animals would have to reproduce within themselves causing a loss of genetic variation.