Claim Statement: Many species start off in the whom looking a lot alike. They look like a little worm with a tail and eyes. Also They look like they have gills like a fish. When you think of the theory of evolution, you most likely think about humans and monkeys. The word is that humans came from monkeys, buy that is not true. There is multiple ideas of where we came from. As i state above all species start off looking the same. So this means everything comes from a similar living things. We will give 3 instance of evidence of why we think this.

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Evidence: The evidence that the picture above has different species and as you can tell every living thing starts off the same and then forms into the formation that they should be, but since they all start off the same suggest that we all have ancestors that are similar.

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The evidence of four arms one is a humans, a cat, a whale, and a bat and all four arms have each of the bone, also have five fingers that are very useful for each species in the own little way suggest that by the look of the arms the Darwin theory is true about species coming for all the same ancestors some where down the road.

The evidence that the picture above show an ape evolving into a human suggest that we started of the same in the beginning of being within the whom. This proves as well that humans and apes have a common ancestor since humans and apes are different species.

The evidence of there being a cheetah at the top of this scale then as you move down it starts to turn into a killer whale, as you can see the similar things that these species have that was formed as time went by is the tail was formed in to a fin, and then the legs was formed into fins also, also if you look closing their face/nose looks the same as it is being formed suggest that the killer whale was formed by the cheetah. - This website gives us the background about the Darwin's Theory, and images. - This website goes deeper into the theory and it also gives a little clips of the Darwin's Theory. - This websites gives a little summary about the Darwin's theory it also gives quotes the Darwin him self had stated. - Fox news has videos that show you steps about the Darwin's Theory.