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Humans evolved from monkeys...

Natural selection, survival of the fittest, evolution… in simple terms, the struggle for existence; the theory of evolution is simply really, all life, from animals to plants, has one common ancestor. We all developed and advanced from the same organism through mutations as well as adaptations. The most common occurring evidence for evolution is the law of adaptations, anatomy, fossils, embryology, and biochemistry. DNA is another term for biochemistry. DNA is the strongest support for evolution.
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The evidence, that according to this web diagram that all of these main [[#|factors]]all tie into Charles Darwin's Theory of evolution, supporting that all humans, once had a similar ancestor such as; monkey's, suggests that for fossil records, for an example, that monkey's have similar fossil records as humans.

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The evidence, that the 2 skulls on the right side of the image, are monkey skulls, and that these four pictures of these monkey's and human skulls are similar, with the head shapes, jaws, and size, suggests that monkey's are ancesters to humans according to the similar sizes of skulls.

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The evidence, that from this picture monkey's walked on all fours at first then begun to learn how to walk on their two legs, then started to learn how to protect them selves with sharpened sticks, suggests that humans at first where monkey's way back in history, to evolve into what we are today.

Biochemistry: Is the study of living organisms
- Vestigial Structures of all creatures are similar especially in the hand structure
- Embryo structures from the very begging are very similar
- Fossil evidence and evidence from the living organisms to prove that the species evolved


According to the evidence, monkey's were humans ancestors, because from the proof of fossil evidence, Vestigial structures, and through Embryology. To begin, from the fossil evidence, we can trace back from the beginning of time, which shows how animals, insects, humans, and other species.,articleId-8636.html
Monkey - human