Charles Darwin's Theory of Organism Change:

Charles Darwins theory of organism change was he believed that we evolved from a single cell.

Eventually these single cells started to form into more organisms. Which then formed the embryological stages
leading to the creation of humans and animals. This theory, we believe, is correct. In addition the picture below shows everything from the Fish to the Human
embryological stages. At first they look like those weird alien creatures off the movie alien but as these embryos progress you see
these vertebrates evolve.
external image embryology.jpg

Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution:

This theory is based off of five key observations: Species have great fertility; they create more offspring to grow older, populations remain around the same size with few fluctuations (or changes), food supply is nearly constant all the time, in sexual reproduction generally no 2 individuals are identical and variation is rampant, and much of this variation is inheritable. "To summarize Darwin's Theory of Evolution;
1. Variation: There is Variation in Every Population.
2. Competition: Organisms Compete for limited resources.
3. Offspring: Organisms produce more Offspring than can survive.
4. Genetics: Organisms pass Genetic traits on to their offspring.
5. Natural Selection: Those organisms with the Most Beneficial Traits
are more likely to Survive and Reproduce. " (quoted from

As seen in the picture above part of Charles Darwin's theory was that Man evolved from ape. The photo clearly shows the similaritis in shape, and form as humans evolved. First as ape, then as 'caveman', 'neanderrthal', and so on until you come to the current stage of the 21st Century humans (as depicted by the man at the desktop computer).

external image hominidae-cranial-capacity.jpg
This photo above shows the similarity in shape of human and ape skulls throughout time as they changed. This also supports Charles Darwin's theory by giving viewers proof by sight of the similarities that clearly exist between them.

Evolution through the process of natural selection:

A prerequisite for natural selection to result is the presence of heritable genetic variation

that results in fitness differences. Genetic variation is the result of mutations and recombination.