Eun Bi Kim and Derek Davis
May 9, 2011
Period 3

The Origin of Species

Charles Darwin is the father of the evolutionary theory. Charles Darwin was also the man who proposed the idea that evolution happens through natural selection. Evolution is when a population of organisms change over time, and natural selection is when organisms with good genes live and pass down their genes and the organisms with the bad genes die out. The term "Survival of the fittest" comes into play.

There are three types of natural selection: stabilizing, directional, and disruptive selection. Stabilizing selection is the average organisms that survive. Directional selection are organisms at one extreme end of a population, and disruptive selection are organisms at both ends of a population survive. These are the types of selection that allows a species to pass down their genes while the others die out.

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Evidence Behind His Findings


  • Change is organisms that allows organisms to survive better than others.

  • The picture above shows how finches adapt to their environment according to their needs. The finch that eats seeds is adjusting to their diet by having a wide beak to find and consume seeds better. All the finches show different eye sizes, head sizes, and beak sizes showing how finches adjust to the environment.


  • There are two types of structures: vestigial and homologous structures.
  • Vestigial structures are the parts of an organism that no longer have a function or are useless to that organism
  • Homologous structures are structures that different organisms share similar traits or properties.

Homologous Structure.
  • As you can see in this picture below, you have a human, lizard, cat, whale, bat, frog, and a bird. All these animals have fingers. Although they are different shapes and sizes, they have mainly the same functions. This evidence lead me to the conclusion that we have evolved from a common ancestor.

Vestigial Structure.
  • Whales have legs (First Picture), and humans have a tail bone (Third Picture). Is there a function for these structures? No, however, this was used as evidence towards evolution. If we do not have a function for these , why do we even have them at all? This is because we evolved from a common ancestor. Why do whales have legs, because whales evolved from a land animal much resembling a tiger (Second Picture).
whale-vestigial-structure.jpgwhale1.gif images.jpg
  • In the picture below it shows the stages of different vertebrates during their earliest stages of life. As you can see, we all at one point looked the same. In beginning, or the first line, the different vertebrates have tails, small finger like appendages, and all vertebrates have a similar shape in their bodies and heads. Viewing this, without the labels on top, we would not be able to differentiate between a human, fish, or chicken. These pieces of evidence lead Derek and I to the conclusion that we must have evolved from a common ancestor. It is only during the later stages that can differentiate the differences.[ontology does not recapitulate ontogeny; please review this section]




  • The basic definition of biochemistry is similar and different chemical compounds of species as they evolve over time. the chart above shows how multiple fields of genetic makeup that makes humans and other animals like primates and pigs relatives in the same family. In genetics we are more closely to primates because we share over 90% of our genes are similar. however pigs and humans have familiar muscles,same organs and blood vessels system.]



  • Evolution through natural selection, is it real, is it fake? Through our research my partner Derek and I believe that evolution through natural selection is real. In real life species have to adapt to their environments. Lets take the flying fish for example. When predators such as sharks are hunting for food, the fish in the sea are vulnerable because not only are the small, but they are slow. The fish are in a disadvantage; however, the flying fish are able to survive. They have adapted to their environment by having wings for fins. The flying fish can go above the water and fly away, running away from their predator. The flying fish will live on while the other disadvantaged fish will die off. With the evidence we found above Darwin's theory of Evolution through natural selection is true.



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