Welcome to the Reasoning in Biology Wiki - a collaboration between Biology Reasoning and Information Literacy.

Your work and collaboration on this page should be focused and professional: you have a responsibility on this wiki to participate in a worthwhile and positive discussion about the assigned topics.

Wikis are a constantly evolving pages. Check often for changes.

Your goal, by the end of the project, is to have a "complete" wiki page for your assigned topic.

Below is a link to the prompts for all groups. You will find your specific groups prompt as well as the rubric you will be graded with below.

Prompt Number
Group Members
Toby, KK, Ciara
Derek, EunBi
Etta, Tyler
Nate, Knevin
Kade, Austin, Thomas
Spencer, Estrella
Group Members
Jordan, Emma
Armando, Jenny, Xandria
Larissa, Raymundo
Megan, John
Xavier, Lawrence
Lucky, Nick

In addition to the aforementioned information, you are expected to include information gleaned from viewing An Inconvenient Truth.

Also with regards to the documentary, you are to complete the rhetorical analysis. Please consult your handouts for this information. This document will not upload at the moment, but it should be placed here shortly.